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Many families who own TV sets in the living room decided to purchase a universal remote, one reason is they have different brands of TVs, and the other one is for the situation that they lost the original remote.

When you purchase a universal remote for any kind of reason, the first thing you should do is to make sure the remote can really control your TV.

How Universal Remote Code Works?

The principle that a universal remote can control a specific TV is rather simple, it has been programmed with signals for most mainstream TV brands, and some of them are even capable of learning mechanisms that can copy the signals from other remotes.

The first time you use a universal remote, you will be required to turn on coding mode, and then enter codes for the brand of TV you have. Once the correct code has been entered, you can use the remote to control your TV without problems.

Then here comes another problem. How about if you have lost your manual of the universal remote you have, then how to program a universal remote to a TV without codes? Don’t worry, this guide will provide you with full coverage.

Method 1: Find the Code Online

Obviously, the best thing you can do is find the code somewhere and get your universal remote useful.

Usually, many universal remotes have their manuals posted online, which means you can find the universal remote code for your TV by simply searching on Google. To notice that, you must make sure the code you find matches the universal remote you have, otherwise, it won’t work.

Method 2: Use Auto Searching Shortcuts

For some universal remotes, it is capable of pairing with TV by shortcut buttons, which means you don’t need a code for pairing.

Universal remote

Some universal remote has all supported brands of TVs on buttons, and you can simply press the button that matches your TV and hold it until the light blinks.

Method 3: IR Learning Mechanism

Some universal remote is capable of the IR learning mechanism, can capture the infrared signal from the original remote, read it and store it for future usage. Follow these steps to program your universal remote via IR learning.

Step 1. Switch your universal remote to learning mode. The action could be varied from different models of remotes.

Step 2. Point the IR module of both remotes to each other.

Step 3. Click the button you want to store function on universal remote.

Step 4. Click the relative button on the original remote to send the signal to the universal remote.

Step 5. Repeat this action until all functions you want have been stored into the universal remote.

I wouldn’t recommend this method personally, because it takes tons of time to do so. However, if you want to program your universal remote anyway, this method is absolutely working.

Method 4: Use a Universal TV Remote Control App

Universal remotes can only support limited models of TVs, because it is a hardware that isn’t capable of a continuously updating interior system. However, there is one thing that could be updated all the time to expand its list of supported devices, it is your smart phone.

You can control your smart TVs with your smart phone, and all you need to do is to download and install a universal remote app. Personally I recommend the BoostVision‘s Universal TV Remote, for the sake of stability and multi-functionality.

Download Universal TV Remote

Pairing Universal TV Remote with Smart TVs

You should pair your phone with your smart TV properly before using it.

Step 1. Open the app and click the Tap to Connect area.

Device Connection Step 1

Step 2. Choose the smart TV you want to pair with, and if you don’t find your smart TV on the list, you should make sure both your smart phone and your smart TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Device Connection Step 2

Step 3. Click the Connect button and your smart phone will start the pairing process.

Step 4. For some smart TVs (Fire TV, LG TV, Vizio TV, Sony TV etc.), you need to input PIN code to make a successful connection.

More Functions Than a Regular Universal Remote

Universal TV Remote can also do things that a regular universal remote couldn’t do. Based on Wi-Fi network and smart phone as a platform, the Universal TV Remote is capable of mirroring screen and casting media. For more detailed function introduction, you can read the comprehensive review of universal remote.


Programming universal TV remote without codes is challenging but not impossible. Depending on the model of your universal remote, you can either use the auto searching shortcuts, or use IR learning mode to clone the original remote.

How to Program a Universal Remote to a TV Without Codes FAQ

Q: Can I use my phone as a universal remote for a TV?

Yes. You can download a remote app to control your TV. For example, you can try Universal TV Remote by BoostVision. After downloading and installation, you need to pair the app with your TV. Once paired, you can use your smart phone to control your TV. Furthermore, you can mirror screens and cast media from your smart phone to TV.

Q: How can I use my TV if I lost the remote?

You can still use your TV if you have lost its remote. The instant solution would be using your smart phone as a remote, and this way you can hardly lose your remote again. You can download BoostVision‘s Universal TV Remote, install it and pair it with your TV, and then you can get your TV under control.

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